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Team Building

Here at The Cotswold Birdwatching Company we are more than aware how dull team building days can be. Every now and again you need to allow your team to leave behind the day-to-day, to relax and reinvigorate.

Teamwork is everywhere in Nature, be it to find food, shelter for the night or to keep safe from predators.

Let us take you on a gentle walk in the UK Countryside to show you examples of where Nature is working together as a team.
We have sites dotted across southwest England and the Welsh borders where we will provide a walk for a couple of hours followed by a meal in a traditional country pub.

We think a walk, like any project should be about the journey you take as much as reaching the destination. Once we reach the pub at the end of our walk, we believe you will feel the same way and spend as much time discussing the amazing teamwork in nature you witnessed on the walk as what lovely food is on the menu.

If you are looking for something a little different for your corporate day then here are a few ideas to whet your appetite

  • a wildlife walk around the Cotswold Countryside followed by a meal.
  • a relaxing Birdwatching tour around the Cotswold Waterparks, followed by a barbeque or pub meal.
  • a walk around a farm in the Welsh borders, followed by a locally sourced meal.
    [Team building events don't always need to end with food or drink but we do find it helps!]

Our gift vouchers also make great employee rewards or gifts.

If you would like to discuss using The Cotswold Birdwatching Company for your corporate events then please email info@birdwatching-tours.co.uk.

Team work can sometimes appear haphazard, but as long as everyone is pulling in the same direction, things will be fine…